Nightlife and Culture

With regards to the nightlife and culture of Seoul, South Korea, it can be quite different with that of other areas. Great development and high technology can easily be seen when you are in the capital area. It is because of the tall buildings and many beautiful tourist destinations. During the night, it is not easy to see the stars in the night sky. Do you know the reason why? It is because of the bright city lights. Many Koreans usually stay late at night.

There are 24/7 open restaurants and malls where people can spend their time. There are hip hop clubs everywhere in the city where many of the outgoing persons go. These clubs are known to be famous hip hop clubs which include Owl Lounge, Lucidream Club, Club Compton, and Cakeshop. After work, many of the employees together with their friends go in one of these clubs. South Korea also have its own culture and tradition. This country is known all over the world because of its culture.

At first, Korean people are not wiling to learn other language including the English language. But, when the country began to open for the overseas and for its tourism and development, many of the foreigners from various countries visited the country. And Koreans also began learning the English language. Korean foods are also very popular these days. Though most of their food are very spicy, it is still considered to be very delicious. Culture in South Korea is almost the same because it is a small country unlike other countries.