Additional Facts that you should know about South Korea

Visiting Korea is one of the dreams of many. Though the ticket can be quite expensive, it will be a worth it vacation once you already arrive in the country. There are many surprising facts about this nation. Aside from what was already mentioned in an article in this website, you will be surprised more this time. South Korean people have a belief that blood type is a major factor that can tell about your personality and that couples are believed to be compatible because of blood type.

Another surprising yet interesting fact about South Korea is that they are sweet potato lovers. In almost all of the Korean dishes, you will find sweet potatoes. In terms of their favorite pastime activity, they love shopping a lot. All throughout the world, South Korea is one of the countries that have the largest malls. Most of the men in South Korea use cosmetics which is pretty normal. And they have best security in here, check this one 徵信公司. They use make-up and cream to hide any facial blemishes especially for job interview.

Some of you might have already heard that when a baby is born in South Korea, he is already considered as one year old. South Koreans also love showing off their relationships and only few of them decide not to get married. They are also known to be the biggest credit card users in the world explore more over here 久展公司 to read about the preacautions of a credit card user. best searching company. All of these are the surprising facts about South Korea. Some people also dream to live in this country for some reasons such as the high economy.

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