Know these Interesting Facts about South Korea

Each country have its own interesting facts and some of these facts are considered as very surprising or shocking. South Korea too which is a small country have its own surprising facts. One of them as mentioned in the video below is that it is home to Haesindang Park. Are you curious what is in this park? It is truly shocking because this park is full of penis statues! It has been a tradition in South Korea that mothers who just gave birth eat seaweed soup.

In addition, when their children celebrate their birthdays, they also eat seaweed soup in order to remind themselves of their mother’s sacrifice while giving birth to them. Plastic surgery is very popular in the country and it is the largest business or market per capita in the world. Koreans want to have double eyelid this is why they usually undergo blepharoplasty. It was also declared that Koreans belong to the group of those who have the highest estimated national IQ on the planet Earth. A great eye surgery clinic is here. Check over this site to see this clinic services. This may be the best assistance for your eye care.

Playing online video games like the StarCraft is surprisingly a legitimate career in the country. While men are the ones who work and women stay at home, it is quite different in the Jeju Island. This is because there is a tradition in this place wherein it is the women who go out to work while their husbands stay at home. Traditionally, South Korean brides wore red as it symbolizes good fortune. Also, most of the South Koreans are slim because they are very  conscious of their body built.

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