Land of Seoul

Korea is a country located in the east. This country is divided into two which is North Korea and South Korea. Looking back into the history of this nation, it is almost impossible to believe that it underwent such an economic poverty due to the colonization of Japan. When it was under the colony of Japan, the people greatly suffered. But after they got their independence, they started to work hard. Now, our focus will be on South Korea and its capital which is Seoul.

The Land of Seoul is the center of everything in the country. It is the place where it is easy to recognize that it is the capital city because of the modern skyscrapers or very tall buildings. When you look for a country to visit and spend your vacation, I strongly recommend this place. It is truly unimaginable that South Korea achieved such a great success today despite the difficulties it had experienced before. In fact, the country is one of the poorest country before.

Now, Seoul which is a very huge city is a very beautiful place where you can find many tourist attractions like palaces that shows the history of South Korea, museums, water parks, and many other destinations. You can also experience the Korean culture including food, fashion, and how the people live. There are also hotels and restaurants everywhere in the city. The malls and the street markets can be included in your target destinations. It will be such a great experience to visit this place.